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Did you know that the word sake means "alcoholic beverage" in Japanese. It could be anything from beer, to cocktails to whisky.

The Japanese word that refers to rice wine is nihonshu.

Posted by Anthony 10:01 PM  


  1. Anonymous said...
    Today the term saké is used as a generic reference to Japan's national beverage which is brewed like beer and drank like wine. While defining what the term Nihonshu means is a good educational point, it will rarely be used outside of Japan. It is more important to know the quality classification terms of: Junmai, Honjozo, Ginjo and Daiginjo. And, the stylistic terms such as Nigori, Genshu, Nama. For details on saké terms you can visit Go to the Saké section and go to Saké 101 for a very good saké background.
    Anthony said...
    Anonymous, I am humbled by your knowledge of sake. :)

    Thanks for the explaination and for directing me to sakeone. I'll link to it in a future post.

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