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Brilliant Cocktails Podcast

I found another great Mixology Podcast. This one is called Brilliant Cocktails and it's filmed in a real bar. The video podcast is hosted by a bartender named Chris who says, "I made this blog because I want to inspire and educate about the art of Mixology". Sounds like a great goal to me.

In this episode Chris teaches us how to make a Mojito. And with a fully stocked bar it looks much easier to make than trying to do it at home.

Posted by Anthony 3:53 AM  


  1. Evan said...
    Compost, this theme is great looking.

    Did you design this, or is it a template?

    Anthony said...
    Thanks, it's a template. I don't have the exact link handy but if you search for Gecko & Fly you should find this template and some other good ones too.
    Jessie Jane said...
    Not a Podcast but you may want to check out Robert Hess' series, The Cocktail Spirit. Cocktailian dorkiness at its best—Hess knows his stuff.
    Anthony said...
    Thanks Jessie Jane, I'll definitely check it out. I'm always on the lookout for interesting stuff to blog about.

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