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Welcome to the Home Mixology Blog

Perhaps you're like me and your bar days are long behind you but you still like to enjoy a nice drink with your spouse once the kids are asleep. Or maybe you love to entertain and are looking to offer your guests more than just a tapped keg, a cooler full of beers or a table with a few bottles of alcohol on it. Maybe you love upscale clubs with their exotic drinks and you'd also like to enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, then you've come to the right place. Join me on the Home Mixology Blog as I document the tips, tricks, recipes and other cool things that will appeal to Home Mixologists.

Posted by Anthony 8:12 AM  


  1. Cavemonster said...

    I really like the overall layout of your blogs! More specifically I want to emulate your creation of Site Network - separate pages with tabs for going to another one of your six blogs - at the top of Compost Bin and Home Mixology. Can you tell me how to do that, or point me to sites on the internet where I can learn how?

    Mark Cave
    Anthony said...
    Cavemonster, Thanks for stopping by. I plan on changing all of my blogs to use this template eventually, I just need someone to extend the length of a day another 5 hours and I'll have time to get to it. :)

    I can't take credit for the blog template though. I downloaded it from Gecko & Fly and changed a few minor things.
    Blogger Template

    Definitely check them out, they have other great Blogger Templates too.
    paul said...
    Hi Anthony,

    I thought you might be interested in a new cocktail website that's aimed at home mixologists:

    Incidentally, love the caveman blog - what have they been up to recently?

    Anthony said...
    Hi Paul,
    MixShakeAndPour is pretty cool. Nicely done.

    The cavemen hasn't been up to much lately (and neither has this blog for that matter) but I hope to get them going again soon. Thanks for visiting.

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