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Rose's Mojito Cocktail Mix

I keep hearing the Mojito mentioned lately. It’s on TV, it’s in books it’s doing the talk show rounds, it’s all over. So I looked it up. Hmmm, a minty drink with rum. Sounds like something I would like, so I decided to try this, Mojito.

Before picking a recipe I decided to do a little research first. Let’s see, it’s a Cuban cocktail that makes a great summer drink. Sounds good so far. It also says that it was Ernest Hemingway’s second favorite drink besides the Daiquiri. Wow, it’s got history too. And due to Barcardi’s recent advertising it’s enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Okay, I’m sold, now how do you make this thing.

I headed for the Barcardi Mojito site to get a recipe and was treated to little clip of how to make one. If you get a chance be sure to check it out. I’m very impressed with these alcohol websites. They really go all out with videos, recipes and other fun things.

Hmmm, looking at the recipe it’s just rum and club soda and that’s easy enough but the complicated part is fresh ingredients. You need to add mint leaves, limes and sugar to the glass or pitcher and then muddle them. Muddling is sort of like using a mortar and pestle but you do it in the drink glass itself. This mojito seems like a drink that I need to know what it tastes first before trying it at home.

I could go to bar and try it but instead I decided to go the liquor store and buy one of those Rose’s Mixers that I’m a big fan off. All you have to do is add one part rum and three parts Rose’s Mojito Mixer and you’ve got a Mojito. I’m sure this will give me a good idea what a Mojito is supposed to taste like and then in the future I can fiddle around with the fresh ingredients and figure out the proper amounts to get the flavor I’m looking for.

So in my opinion, the Mojito is definitely a summer drink, perfect for those warm days spent around the pool. The mint is refreshing, the lime flavor quenches and the rum does the job. Now it’s time for me to find my mortar and pestle.

Posted by Anthony 8:24 AM  


  1. Anonymous said...
    Outstanding drink mix. Like nothin else you have tasted before. Definitely a keeper. Not too sweet, but minty refereshment.
    Anonymous said...
    Stacey from Las Vegas

    Rose's Mojito mix is the by far, like no other, White rum, Rose's mix, fresh mint, fresh lime, club soda and you are in for a treat!!!!!
    Brian Arndt said...
    Doc Heller's Mojito Mix is the best tasting mojito mix ever!

    Unlike every other brand, including Roses, Stirrings, Tommy Bahama and Bacardi, Doc Heller's is ALL NATURAL. All you have to do is add the rum. It has everything else (including tonic instead of soda which is awesome).

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