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Sake Bomb

Fire in the hole! That’s something that you yell when you toss a grenade into a bunker. It’s also something that I yell when drop a shot of hot sake into a glass of beer. The name of this shout worthy drink is the sake bomb.

Traditionally, you’re supposed to suspend the shot over the beer by laying two chopsticks across the top of the glass. Then you slam your two fists on the table to drop the shot into the beer.

When you're a home mixologist, the presentation is less important. Even though I own a fancy set of sake cups, I'll usually drink sake from a coffee cup. Hey why not? Coffee cups have nice handles on them so you don't burn your hand.

If you have guests though, then by all means get them pounding on the table. It's a lot of fun.

You could use either warm or cold sake but I prefer it warm. And don’t forget that the proper temperature to serve sake is a little shy of 100°F (37°C).

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