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How can something that starts out as rice become so delicious? Sake is commonly known as a rice wine but the fermentation process is more similar to that of a beer.

Whether it's a wine or a beer, will make no difference when you drink it. Sake is a great drink for Home Mixologists. It's also a great drink for people who want something a little exotic but don't want to break out the fancy bartending equipment and a large list of ingredients. Just open the bottle, fill your cup and heat it in the microwave. There you have it. Something different that isn't hard to make and will warm you up on a cold winter night.

Chilled sake is growing in popularity too. And that's even easier to prepare because all you do is open and pour.

If you do plan on heating it up, the proper temperature is just a little shy of 100°F (about 37°C).

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