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TRU Organic Vodka

Organic alcohol seems to be all the rage lately. TRU Vodka was recently launched by Modern Spirits as "the first line of certified organic vodkas made from American wheat".

Now they aren't the first green vodka, but it's the first completely organic, American-Made Organic Vodka. You don't see being American Made used in marketing campaigns much anymore but in the very international alcohol and spirits industry, this might be a good thing for green products. Think of all the airplane fuel saved because this vodka didn't have to be shipped overseas. Sort of like saying, drink locally, act globally.

Organic Vodka

So what is organic vodka? Well in TRU's case it means they raise their crops without the use of harsh chemicals like pesticides. They also used recycled glass for their bottles and the company even plants a tree for every bottle sold.

I haven't seen it yet at any of my local liquor stores but I'll keep an eye out for it so I can do a taste test.

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