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Mojito Martini

I recently tried a Mojito for the first time and enjoyed it so much that I decided to experiment with some of the variations too. It seems like the easiest way to add different flavors to a mojito is to use flavored rums. If you looked at only the Bacardi Rums, you'd still have lots of options. There's Limon, Razz, Bacardi O, Bacardi 8, Grand Melon, Big Apple and I think there's a couple more too.

I'm sure using any of those would taste great but I didn't want to spend all that money on all of those flavored rums. No, I'd have to limit myself to just one and I chose Bacardi Limon. Everyone likes lemony flavored alcohol so it made sense.

And I also decided to go the martini route. It seems like martinis are made from just about anything now a days. So why not a Mojito Martini?

Mix the following in a half filled shaker of crushed ice:
1.5 measures Bacardi Limon
0.5 measure Absolute Citron
1/2 of a Lime, sliced
8 Mint Leaves

Shake well and pour into a chilled martini glass.

Now that's a refreshing martini. I'd add a splash of Grand Mariner for a Grand Mojito Martini but I'm I'm too busy enjoying it as is.

Posted by Anthony 8:17 PM  


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