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New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Are you throwing a New Year’s Eve party and need a little help with your cocktail menu? Well time is running out. You had better get yourself to a bookstore or a Williams Sonoma to pick up this fantastic book, Williams-Sonoma Entertaining: Cocktail Parties

There’s almost 70 recipes for party cocktails and appetizers listed and the pictures are worth the price alone. Don’t you hate when you buy a recipe book and there’s nothing inside but boring text? Well that’s not a worry with Williams-Sonoma Entertaining: Cocktail Parties. The photos can be used to help you quickly decide your New Year’s Eve menu.

There’s also useful information about what glassware to use (nobody likes a martini in a jelly jar) and some tips for throwing for a great party. No matter the season, the theme or the occasion, there’s some good ideas in here for you to consider.

Even if you aren’t throwing a New Year’s Eve party tomorrow, you may want to pick up this book for your next party.

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