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Outdoor Patio Bar

We're building a bar!  I've already told some of our friends and rightfully so, the news is almost as significant as announcing that you're having a baby.  Well, maybe not that important but it's up there.  With those baby years behind us and the kids are more able to run around and be kids with a lot less supervision, my wife are actually getting our social life back.  The days of bars and clubs are also behind us but we've discovered another stage of adulthood that isn't too well documented.  It's when grade school parents start having get togethers.  The kids play together while the parents have a few cold ones and have some fun.  And what better way to have some fun than to hang out by the pool at my outdoor patio bar.

What set this off was charity dinner for our grade school.  With a few raffle tickets in hand, I surveyed the room full of prizes and decided that the BeerTender Home Beer-Tap System was what I wanted.  You know it's one of those taps that you put a mini Heinken keg into.  I dunked my raffle ticket into my dirty martini to make it feel different than the rest of the tickets in the basket (I've heard that this works pretty well but never tried it before) and hoped for the best.  I almost fell out of my chair when they called our name as the winner.

A friend of ours has a great indoor bar.  It's got the mirrors, the glass racks the sink, the fridge, really it's a full-scale home bar with all the fixings.  It makes for an awesome party and gives everyone a place to hang out besides the kitchen.  We've got some other friends who I hear have great outdoor patio bars but I haven't seen any of them yet.  I just decided that it's time for a nice outdoor bar in my backyard.

When I saw this outdoor kitchen project in my Lowes Weekend Project email, I knew that I found my home bar.  I don't have the cash on hand to hire workers to build it for me so I'll have to do with a handyman special.  With a few changes to the Lowes project like doubling the length of it to 10 feet and making it a little taller so that we can buy taller bar stools, we'd be set.  Really this design is for an outdoor kitchen counter but I can easily modify it into a bar.  Things like running water and electricity will have to wait for another year.  Unfortunately, I’m not made of money.

Right now I'm working on two matching coffee tables to share the pool deck with the bar (and also gaining some valuable building experience in the process) but the construction on my custom outdoor patio bar should begin soon. 

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