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Holiday Cocktail Recipes

December is here and if the only drink that you're thinking about is the milk that goes with Santa's cookies, then you're missing out. Why just browse any newspaper or magazine this month and you'll find tons of great holiday cocktail recipes.

For example, check out this article from the OttawaCitizen about holiday cocktail parties. The article includes some fancy recipes for The Salty Poodle, Bonita Blossom, Vanilla Margarita, The Renaissance, Sex on the Beach, Champagne Cocktails as well as the old stand-bys, Martini, Manhattan, Cosmopolitans and Margaritas.

iVillage has posted their Top 20 Cocktails for the Holiday Season and it's a good list. Nothing too fancy in the list but I'm sure it includes some of your favorites.

And here's some good information about getting your bar stocked up for you holiday party and it even includes a recipe for something called The Blue Pompom.

So sit back relax and read all about how to make great drinks at your next holiday cocktail party.

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