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Rose's Cocktail Infusions

If you're the type of person who wants a good drink but doesn't remember to keep your bar stocked, then you should pick up some of Rose's Cocktail Infusions.

These flavored martini mixers are perfect if you want to serve up bar quality drinks at home with very little work. The directions say mix 1 part Rose's with 1 part vodka. Couldn't get easier than that.

But you're probably wondering how it tastes. So far I've tried the
Cranberry Twist Mix and the Sour Apple Mix and they really aren't bad. The Cranberry Twist tastes like a very sweet Cosmo. The Sour Apple isn't as tart I was expecting but it still has a nice but subtle flavor.

Rose's also makes Blue Raspberry Mix, Watermelon Mix, Mango Twist Mix and Pomegranate Twist Mix.

If you're a just starting out as a Home Mixologist, then Rose's may be what you're looking for.

Posted by Anthony 6:41 PM  


  1. Angela said...
    We tried the cranberry recently & liked it pretty well. But my favorite thing about these is the shape of the bottles -- all curvy and modern-looking. I've been staring at the empty bottle for a week or so now, thinking there's gotta be something cool I can do with it...

    Thanks for the tip -- we'll have to try some of the other flavors as well.
    Anthony said...
    I love those bottles too. They might look good as a vase with a fresh cut flower.

    But you'd probably know better running CraftyGoat's Notes and all.

    Sorry your name in my comments section doesn't seem to be linking back to your site. I'll take a look at the template and fix it.
    Anonymous said...
    We have tried all the different flavors and they are great especially when you start experimenting with mixing them together. As for the bottles I completely wash them out, taking off the labels, and use them to make my own gourmet cooking oils. Right now I have three of them nestled together on my counter. One is a chipolte chili oil (olive oil and ground chipolte chili pepper), one is a garlic oil infused with dried chives and saffron with the olive oil, and the last one is a new one I am trying out where I combined olive oil, rosemary, fennel, saffron, and some anise (this one will be interesting!). But basically you can try out all differnt types of spices in olive oil to zest up a recipe. They look especially cool in the curved Rose's bottles! As for getting the oil and spices into the bottle I use a funnel--it works great!
    gamblingmama said...
    Can you use Infusion for margaritas? Also, what is the equivalent to a powdered mix? In other words, if a recipe calls for 1 oz of blue raspberry mix, how much of the Infusion would I use?

    Anthony said...
    That's a great idea to use it for a Margarita. I don't know how it would taste but why don't you experiment and be sure to let me know how it goes. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Anonymous said...
    I've tried all 6 and they are great. Watermelon is my favorite, but the hardest to find!
    JSU-Tiger99 said...
    I like the WATERMELON the best but it is hard to find I have called Dr. pepper and they told me where do and they did not have it and i order it from off line fedex broke all 4 bottles I order

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