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Imbibe Magazine

I just found a great magazine for Mixologists called Imbibe.

This is how they describe the magazine:
"Imbibe is the magazine of liquid culture. It is a completely new way of looking at drinks—as a distinct culinary category, deserving in-depth exploration of history, ingredients, preparation, artistry and consumption. From wine, spirits and beer to coffee, tea and everything in between, Imbibe celebrates the world in a glass. In each issue, you’ll find compelling travelogues, engaging profiles, signature recipes and useful reviews—everything you need to know about the fascinating people, places, flavors and cultures of all things potable. Imbibe is your indispensable guide to all that’s fit to drink."

I definitely plan on checking out Imbibe as soon as I can find a copy. I don't think that it's a new magazine but I haven't seen it before. I'll do a review in a future post and let you know what I think.

Posted by Anthony 7:11 PM  


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